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HO2302 - Emergence of the Universe - Spring 2018

sources for the controversial issue paper in Spring 2018 in the HO2302 course


This class research guide includes links to sources of academic information on paper topics for HO 2302 Emergence of the Universe. Your Spring 2018 research project focuses on writing a paper about a controversial scientific issue.   

You will want to use the following the write a successful paper.

  1. Encyclopedias / Reference - use to gain background information on your topic, to develop relevant search terms, and potentially identify important articles and books on your topic.  
  2. Articles - find several scholarly articles on your topic.  You will use Discover to locate scholarly articles, generally from scientific sources.
  3. Books - find one book/eBook on your topic.  You will use Discover to locate books.
  4. Evaluate - think about the relevance, authority, and timeliness of the sources you use. This page will guide you through some questions to consider when choosing to include a source in your work.
  5. Citation - cite your sources using a parenthetical style like APA. The citation menu links to tips on citing using APA, instructions to find citations in Discover, and help on downloading and using the Zotero software to manage your research and citation.  

You will complete a research activity in class to start your literature review, a process to find and choose sources for your paper.

I encourage you to contact me by email, or set up an appointment via the icon for Necia Wolff's online appointment calendar found in profile icon in my profile, if you have any questions about your HO 2302 project.