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HO2302 - Emergence of the Universe - Spring 2018

sources for the controversial issue paper in Spring 2018 in the HO2302 course

Background Info Sources

In-Class Example: CQ Researcher

CQ Researcher includes reports on debatable topics that often lead to disagreement in the general population.  The reports are writen by journalists and include an overview of the issue, historical background, a timeline of events, pro/con debates, and sources for additional research, typically from news sources.

You will want to search for your topic in CQ Researcher.  Take a look at a recent report if possible.  If the relevant reports are too old, you could look for more recent background encyclopedia articles in  Gale Virtual Research Library or Science in Context. 

CQ Researcher Example

Search for your topic. This 2015 report entitled "Manipulating the Human Genome" was located by searching for the term "gene therapy".  Be sure to look at recent reports (at least from the last 5 years).

image of a CQ Researcher report