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Linking to Library Resources in Blackboard

This faculty-oriented guide provides directions on how to link to library online resources in your Blackboard course. It includes detailed directions on how to create persistent links to content in the library's article databases.

Adding Library Guides to Blackboard

Adding Library Guides to Blackboard - Instructions

It is easy to add library research guides, lists of databases by major, and other content to Blackboard using these steps.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

  1. Go to your a Blackboard course homepage.
  2. Click on the plus sign at the top of the left navigation pane. Choose Content Area from the list of options.
  3. Type in a name for the navigation link. You can choose whatever you want. (Examples: Library Resources, "II3300" Library Guide, Research Sources, Library Tools, etc.) Check the box "Available to Users" and click Submit.
  4. Click on the newly created link. Under Build Content, find the Mashups section and click on the Blume Library Resources link. 
  5. Give the link a name. I recommend using the title you used in the navigation pane.
  6. Click on the link on the content area page. 
  7. You are now in the Blume Library selection page.  Click on the following:
    1. Under LibGuides Site, choose Blume Library (the only option). 
    2. 1st Choice: Under Content Type, choose Full LibGuide (to add a librarian created guide for your topic/course).
      1. Under Guide, type in the name of the guide you want to add to your course.
      2. Click on Embed Content.
    3. 2nd Choice: Under Content Type, choose Databases for a Specific Subject + Subject Specialist (to see a list of databases by topic that includes your subject librarian contact information).
      1. Under Subject, select your subject.
      2. Click on Embed Content.

The Blume Library content you have chosen is now embedded in your Blackboard course.  When you click on the link (in Instructor mode), you will see a menu to View Content or Edit Content (ignore). Click on View Content to see that you added the correct guide or databases page.

Students will go directly to the embedded library content in the student view. 

Watch the video on this page to see a demonstration on how to add a full LibGuide.