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Necia Wolff - Librarian & Professor | Blume Library

Profile page for Necia Wolff, Librarian & Professor, Louis J. Blume Library, St. Mary's University.

Teaching Philosophy

I aim to help others achieve their research goals by teaching them to recognize the most relevant and useful information for their information needs. I endeavor to lead conversations that increase the scope of knowledge sources while fostering curiosity about the research process. 

To address these goals, I design curriculum that includes relevant examples and incorporates active learning exercises to aid researchers in the application of their growing research skills. When I teach in classes, workshops, and one-to-one research sessions, I customize the information I convey to the needs of students and faculty with whom I work.

Above all, I endeavor to communicate that research skills are both tools and mental models that can be used to explore new ideas inside and outside limited disciplines.  My ultimate goal is to help others become independent researchers who are informed, self-reflective, and non-parochial in their research inquiries.