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Web Development Tools: Recommended Websites

HTML Resources by Kathy Amen

screen capture of Kathy Amen's Basics of HTML website headerRetired Blume Library librarian, Kathy Amen, had a popular set of guides on the library website about HTML.  Kathy is now keeping these guides up-to-date on her personal website.  Check them out for tips on basic HTML.

Links to Web Development Tools

There are thousands of websites, videos, and how-to guides about web development, design, HTML, CSS, and JS on the internet.  This guide lists just a few sources that I have used in my web development projects.  I share these sources here in the hope of helping a beginning web developer. 

Librarian / Professor

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Necia Wolff
Louis J. Blume Library
St. Mary's University
One Camino Santa Maria
San Antonio, TX 78230
210-431-2299 x1452