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AC4355 - Research in Federal Taxation: Key Resources

Lexis Nexis Tax Files

Database Main Search 

You can find the Shepard's Citations section by going to the main page >> Search by Subject or Topic dropdown >> Legal section >> follow the link to Shepard's Citations

Lexis Nexis Search Tips and Shepardizing

Lexis Nexis Academic offers Shepards citations for cases, regulations, and statutes.  

A formal definition: "Shepard’s Citations provide a judicial history of cases and statutes, make note of new cases, and indicate whether the law in a particular case has been followed, modified, or overruled in subsequent cases... various abbreviations indicate whether a case has been overruled, superseded, or cited in the dissenting opinion of a later case."

"Shepard’s® Citations." Gale Encyclopedia of American Law. Ed. Donna Batten. 3rd ed. Vol. 9. Detroit: Gale, 2010. 176. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 19 Aug. 2015.

Video on Shepardizing in Lexis Nexis Academic


This course guide offers information on how to find taxation cases, regulations, and statutes in Lexis Nexis Academic.  It also includes related sources from the books, journal articles, and websites.   

Please contact me f you have questions.  

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