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BA4380 - Business Policy and Strategy

Company and industry research resources. Tips for finding information in library databases, governmental sources, company portals, and other research websites. Designed for Professor Matt Gilley's course in Fall 2017.


Welcome to the BA4380 class research guide.  These pages include links to resources and detailed information on how to find company and industry research. There are tips to using the library's databases and how to use Google advanced search features to find relevant material in both the basic search and in Google Scholar.  

I also encourage you to explore the Zotero citation software program to help you collect and cite materials. Zotero offers a Microsoft Word plugin that make it so easy to insert citations and automatically created a works cited in any format, including APA.

Lastly, I available to help you with your questions by email or in a face-to-face meetings to discuss your specific project.  Use the Book Now link under my picture to make an appointment.  

Class Research Session

I highlighted a few resources in the library workshop that you can use to start your company and industry research.  They are listed below.  

Be aware, however, that you will need to explore fully the resources listed under the sections labeled Company Information and Industry Information to fully understand the firm and industry you chose for your case study.