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BL 4440: Mechanisms of Disease--Fall, 2014: Home

links to resources and tips on finding information for research papers

More about this guide

stethoscopeThis Research Guide is a one-stop shop to help with the research assignments in Biology 4440. Its content is intended to summarize and supplement the material covered in class Sept. 2.

Like the class, the Guide has two parts:1) Doing research in Library databases (summarized in the first 4 tabs of the guide); and 2) Managing search results and citations using Flow.

Feel free to contact either of us (contact information on the right) if you have questions about your research at any point during the semester.

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Getting started

checkIt's important to have a good broad understanding of your topic before you start looking for specific information. The sources in the boxes below can give you an overview of your subject and help you refine your research strategy and find useful terms to use in searches.

Doing research in any field will always reveal unexpected complexities and facets of the topic at hand. Get a head start on the complications that will come up by using these library resources.

The sources linked in this box generally index information for the general public on health and disease, although you can find some more technical entries as well. These basic information sources can be useful in finding ways to describe your research free of technical jargon, as well as providing you with reviews of basic concepts.

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This guide was originally developed by retired librarian Kathy Amen.