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Census Information in the Library

describes the Library's collection of Census material in print, microfiche and CD/DVD

Reference compendia

The data making up these compilations comes from decennial Censuses, other Census surveys, and other sources (which are usually cited—good clues if you need more information about the statistics).

County and City Data Book. C 3.134/4:C 83.  Data by counties and towns of 2500 or more population (with some information by regions and states) from the most recent Censuses as well as from other government agencies and private sources. The Library has the following editions in printed form: 1949, 1952, 1956, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1977, 1983, 1988, 1994, 2000, 2007. All but the most recent edition circulates.The most recent edition is available online at

Historical Statistics of the U.S.: Colonial Times to 1970. C 3.134/2:H 62/ .  Time series, mostly annual, providing a statistical history of U.S. social, economic, political and geographic development. Data is given by nation, states and selected cities. The edition to 1970 is for reference use in the Library only, but there are earlier editions (to 1945 and 1957) which circulate, and an online version is available from the Internet Archive

Statistical Abstract. C 3.134:  . Standard annual summary of U.S. social, political and economic statistics with recent time series which vary from volume to volume. There is some international data and a guide to sources of material. The most recent edition is kept at the Research Desk in the Learning Commons; older editions circulate.

Starting with the 2013 edition, the StatAbs is no longer published by the Census Bureau and current editions will not be available on their website. The Library will continue to buy printed editions from the commercial publisher, and will investigate the value of online access through the publisher. 

The Library has volumes from 1915 to the present, with a few years missing (check the Catalog for exact holdings).  Editions for 1994 to the present are also available on Reserve in CD-ROM and may be checked out for 7 days. Statistical Abstracts back to 1878 are available at in PDF and zipped formats (some years may be missing, but will be added as the digitization work continues).

State and Metropolitan Area Databook. C 3.134/5: .  Data by regions, states, Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA), MSA counties and central cities from Censuses and other sources. Years held by the Library: 1979, 1982, 1986, 1991, 1997, 2006, 2010. All circulate.The most recent edition is available online at

USA Counties.  C 3.134/6:UN 3/   Reserve.   The only edition the Library has in CD is 1998. It contains demographic, economic and social data at the county level from a variety of sources. provides links to some county information sources.

Other Census surveys

In addition to the decennial Censuses of Population and Housing, the Census Bureau also collects and distributes population-related data on a more or less continuous basis. The surveys which generate this data are taken from much smaller samples of the population than those used for the decennial Census.

NOTE: most of these series are not being currently received in print by the Library. They are, however, for the most part, still being conducted, and current information is available at at the links provided.

Annual Housing Survey. C 3.215/17- : . No longer in print in the Library. Information for most recent years includes: housing and neighborhood quality, financial characteristics, recent movers, urban/rural characteristics, energy-related characteristics. Some data from the survey is available at Links to other digital editions, if available, are in the Library's Catalog. 
Current Population Reports (CPRs). C 3.186/ : . Early 1960's—present. Most of our print copies of the reports in this series have been discarded in favor of online versions; links to these are represented in the Library's catalog and are searchable with all the catalog's search capabilities. However some important titles are retained in print.'s CPR page gives information on the scope of all the series of the reports, as well as links to the online versions.