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Census Information in the Library

describes the Library's collection of Census material in print, microfiche and CD/DVD

1990 Population/Housing Subject Reports

All of these titles are in CD format on 7-day reserve (class number is C 3.286:CD 90 SSTF #). The titles marked with this graphic text are also available in printed form, with the class number C 3.223/10: .

Adults with Work Disabilities (04)
text American Indians (13)
text Ancestry of the Population (02)
textBlack Population of the U.S. (discs A and B only) (21)
textCharacteristics of the Asian & Pacific Islander Population (05)
Condominium Housing (18)
Earnings by Occupation & Education (22)
text Education/Employment Status (12)
Fertility (16)
text Foreign-Born Population (01)
Geographic Mobility (15)
Housing Characteristics of New Units (09)
Housing of the Elderly (08)
Journey to Work (20)
Mobile Homes (10)
Occupation & Industry (14)
Older Population of the U.S. (19)
text Persons of Hispanic Origin (03)
Poverty Areas in the U.S. (17)

1970, 1980 Housing Subject Reports

All of these titles are in printed form, with the class number C 3.224/10: text.


  • Cooperative/Condominium Housing
  • Geographic Aspects
  • Housing Characteristics by Household Composition
  • Housing of Selected Racial Groups
  • Housing of Senior Citizens
  • Mobile Homes
  • Mover Households
  • Plumbing Facilities
  • Space Utilization
  • Structural Characteristics


  • Condominium Housing
  • Mobile Homes
  • Mover Households
  • Space Utilization
  • Structural Characteristics

1960 Population Subject Reports/Census Monographs

1960 Subject Reports, with the class number C 3.223/10: . All in printed form text.

Age at First Marriage
Americans Overseas
Characteristics of Professional Workers
Characteristics of Teachers
Educational Attainment
Employment Status
Income of the Elderly
Industrial Characteristics
Journey to Work
Labor Reserve
Marital Status
Nonwhite Population by Race
Occupational Characteristics
Occupations by Earnings/Education
Occupations by Industry
Persons by Family Characteristics
Persons of Spanish SurnamePuerto Ricans in the U.S.
School Enrollment
Size of Place
Socio-economic Status
Sources/Structure of Family Income
State Economic Areas
State of Birth
Type of Place
Women by Children under 5
Women by Number of Children

1960 Census Monographs, classed C 3.30: . These volumes include narrative discussions of the subjects, as well as tabular data and all are in printed form text.

Changing Characteristics--The Negro Population
Education of the American Population
Income Distribution in the U.S.People of Rural America
People of the U.S. in the 20th Century 
(historical trends back into the 1800's and, for some subjects, to the first Census in 1790)

1980 Population Subject Reports

All of these titles are in printed form, with the class number C 3.223/10: text.

American Indians
Asian and Pacific Islanders
Characteristics of the Rural and Farm-Related Population
Earnings by Occupation and Education
Geographical Mobility
Journey to Work
Living Arrangements of Children and Adults
Marital Characteristics
Occupations by Industry
Persons in Institutions/Other Group Quarters
Place of Work

1970 Population Subject Reports

All of these titles are in printed form, with the class number C 3.223/10: text.

Age at First Marriage
American Indians
Americans Living Abroad
Childspacing/Current Fertility
Earnings by Occupation/Education
Educational Attainment
Employment Status
Family Composition
Government Workers
Income of Farm-Related Population
Industrial Characteristics
Japanese, Chinese & Filipinos in the U.S.
Journey to Work
Low-Income Areas in Large Cities
Low-Income Population
Marital Status
National Origin/Language
Negro Population
Occupation and Residence
Occupations by Industry
Occupations of Persons with High Earnings
Occupational CharacteristicsPersons by Family Characteristics
Persons in Institutions/Group Quarters
Persons not Employed
Persons with Work Disabilities
Persons of Spanish Origin
Persons of Spanish Surname
Puerto Ricans in the U.S.
School Enrollment
State Economic Areas
State of Birth
Vocational Training
Women by Number of Children

1920 Census Monographs

All are in printed form text . The class number is C 3.30: , followed by the number as shown below:

1. Increase of the Population, 1910-1920
2. Mortgages on Homes
3. Integration of Industrial Operations
4. Farm Tenancy
6. Farm Population
7. Immigrants and Their Children
8. Growth of Manufactures, 1899-1923
9. Women in Gainful Occupations, 1870-1920
10. Earnings of Factory Workers, 1899-1927
11. Ratio of Children to Women