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Census Information in the Library

describes the Library's collection of Census material in print, microfiche and CD/DVD

2002 & 1997 Economic Census data

The 2002 Economic Census is the most recent for which the Library holds reports in tangible format. There are two DVDs which contain the 2002 reports:

  • Econ02 Report Series. C 3.277:2007. Contains industry and geographic area statistics, as well as some supplementary reports such as non-employer statistics.
  • Econ02Z Report Series. C 3.277:2007/2. Contains sales-size data by Zip Code for selected NAICS sectors.

1997 data is held on three CDs:

  • Industry and Geographic Statistics. C 3.277:CD-EC-97-1
  • Files from Special Censuses such as Outlying Areas, Women-Owned Businesses, etc. C C 3.277:CD-EC-97-2
  • Employment, sales-size and manufacturing data by Zip Code. C 3.277:C 1-E 97-NA 32-17-US 1

In addition, the Library has some 1997 reports in printed form. See the lists of series below.

The CDs and DVDs must be requested at the Circulation Counter and may be checked out by St. Mary's students, faculty and staff for 7 days. Non-St. Mary's users may use them in the Library.

Older Economic Census data

Here are the holdings of the Library for the various Economic Census report series:

Census of Agriculture C 3.31:

  • 1925 (southern states volume only)
  • 1935 (county and subject statistics)
  • 1940 (Texas, second series; also Irrigation of Agricultural Lands)
  • 1969 (complete)
  • 1974 (complete)
  • 1978 (complete)
  • 1982 (complete)
  • 1987 and 1992 (complete) data are also available on CD-ROM.

Agriculture Census data from 1840 to the present is available online from the Department of Agriculture. agriculture

Census of Construction Industries C 3.245: 1967-1992

Census of Financial, Insurance and Real Estate Industries. C 3.291: . 1992 only.

Census of Manufactures. C 3.24: . 1963-1992 

Census of Mineral Industries.  C 3.216: . 1963-1992 

Census of Minority-Owned Business. C 3.258: . 1977-1992; 1997 shelved at C 3.277/3:997.

Census of Outlying Areas. C 3.253/2: . 1972-1997. Outlying Areas include Guam, Marianas Islands, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands.

Census of Retail Trade. C 3.255: . 1972-1992

Census of Service Industries. C 3.257: . 1972-1992 

Census of Transportation. C 3.233: . 1967-1992

Census of Wholesale Trade. C 3.256: . 1972-1992 

Census of Women-Owned Businesses. C 3.250: . 1972-1992; 1997 shelved at C 3.277/3:997.

Census of Governments

The Census of Governments is a series within the Economic Census, and covers the financial and employment aspects of federal, state and local governments.

Our Census of Government reports:

  • Census of Governments reports. C 3.145/ . 1967-1992
  • Additional Government Finances reports C 3.191/2 . 1967-1992

Reports for Censuses from 1992 to the present are available online at