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Chemistry Research: Other databases

tips on searching databases, finding journals from citations, and using Interlibrary Loan services

Other databases

Here are a few interesting additional databases you might find useful:

  • Chemview (from the Environmental Protection Agency). Provides data from EPA assessments and regulatory actions under the Toxic Substances Control Act.
  • NIST Chemistry WebBook (from the National Institute of Standards and Technology). Provides chemical and physical property data, as well as documentation citations, for chemicals and compounds. A variety of searches are available.
  • ACS Publications (from the American Chemical Society). This database indexes the ACS' journals. Note that there are few full-text articles available to our students here, but citations and abstracts are given.
  • PubChem (from the National Library of Medicine). This database provides information on the biological activity of small molecules, including chemical structure.
  • PubMed (also from the NLM). This is a broader database covering the life sciences, including biochemistry.

checkSince many chemical processes and products have commercial applications, you might also want to check in with Business Source Complete, a comprehensive business database.