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US Government Information in the Study of History

describes historically significant documents in the Library's collection, and important web sources for history


In the Library

Library of CongressNOTE that the Library ceased receiving new tangible government documents in Spring, 2016, and withdrew large numbers of tangible documents during the previous year.

From the Library of Congress:

Country Studies 

These monographs on foreign countries are individually cataloged and shelved on the 3rd floor; consult the Library Catalog for call numbers. They include detailed analysis of social, political and economic institutions for the countries profiled as well as extensive bibliographies.

New Country Studies are no longer being published in printed form, but can be accessed Library of Congress website.

Many useful research bibliographies can be found under the classification number LC 1.12/2:... Several of these pertain to publications about, or from, particular countries or parts of the world. Some examples are:

  • The U.S. and Africa: 1785-1975 LC 1.12/2:Af 8/2/785-975.
  • Human Rights in Latin America LC 1.12/2:L 34/2/964-80.
  • Unveiling Indonesia: Indonesian Holdings in the Library of Congress LC 1.12/2:IN 2/5.

Other useful publications from the Library of Congress:

  • Guide to the Official Publications of the Other American Republics LC 1.16:  .
  • Hispanic World, 1492-1898 : A Guide to Photoreproduced Manuscripts from Spain in the Collections of the United States, Guam, and Puerto Rico LC 1.6/4:H 62.
  • Revelations from the Russian Archives : Documents in English translation LC 1.2:R 92/5.

World Factbook PREX 3.15:983- present.

Brief entries for all countries give basic demographic, geographic, and social data. The current volume is available online from the CIA, which compiles this reference resource.

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices Y 4. F 76/1-15:979-present.

These reports, published as committee prints from the House or Senate Foreign Relations committees, review the human rights records of all nations receiving U.S. foreign aid, plus some which do not, but are members of the United Nations. Appendixes include signatories of human rights agreements and statistical tables of U.S. aid. The reports for 1999 to the present are online at this State Dept. web site.

A companion set of reports, Country Reports on Economic and Trade Policies, are shelved at: Y 4.IN 8/16:C 83/  (1983-2001). No further reports were produced.