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SP 3381 - Spanish Language for the Professions: Spanish Articles

Resources and information to assist students in successfully completing course requirements.

Databases for Spanish Language Articles

If you're looking for articles about a career, company, or related topic, here are several recommended library subscription databases. Access through library subscription sources often provides more stable retrospective access. subscription icon key - indicates subscription service available on campus or restricted to current St. Mary's University students, faculty and staff when off-campus. 
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Searching for Portuguese & Spanish Language Articles: LexisNexis Academic

To find articles in Portuguese or Spanish through LexisNexis Academic, follow the steps below or located on the LexisNexis Academic wiki. Or follow these links:

Portuguese Language News Combined

Spanish Language News Combined

Spanish Language News from Latin America Combined

LexisNexis Academic News Foreign Language screen shot 

Tutorial - LexisNexis Academic: Searching Foreign Language News

Database Search Tips

  • Consider what type of information you need and where you might find it.
  • Break your topic into key concepts and identify terms for each concept. Start with fewer words. Less yields more.
  • Don't be too narrow in your search, especially initially.
  • Use Boolean connectors like andorand not to connect keywords. Many databases search the words as a phrase otherwise.
  • In general, avoid using prepositions like "in," "of," and "on."
  • Truncation characters such as an * (asterisk) can expand your search by retrieving various forms of a word, e.g., comput* retrieves computer, computers, computing, computation, etc.
  • Look at the subject terms or descriptors that are used for articles that appear relevant. Try other searches using those terms.
  • Consult a librarian or your faculty member for additional related terms.
  • Think about which individuals or groups of people or organizations are associated with your topic. These might be additional terms to search.

Evaluate Article Relevance & Quality

  • Look at subject terms applied to relevant articles. Did you find additional articles by searching these subject headings?
  • Which terms or search strategies yielded the best results?
  • Look at the abstract. Are there additional keyword terms you might search?
  • How long is the article?
  • In which journal or periodical was this article published? What is the journal's or magazine's reputation? How do you know?
  • When was the article published? What time period does the research or article cover?
  • Who is the author of the article? What are the author's credentials? What qualifies the author as an expert?
  • What sources are cited in this article?
  • How will this source advance the research project?
  • See Evaluate Information for more criteria.

Journals List

Looking for a specific journal, magazine, or newspaper?

Use Journals List to search for the title of a journal, magazines, or newspaper and tell if the library offers online access or print access to that publication.

Search: Journals List