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Government Information Sources in Science & Technology

Covers major government science/technology websites as well as highlighting the Library's collection in these areas.

General Engineering


This major agency provides information on research in all areas of engineering from electronics to bioengineering to energy to nanotechnology; there is a publications portal and an image gallery.

Other engineering-related agencies:

Technology Databases

Computers & Telecommunications


Department of Transportation. DOT is concerned with transportation safety, international transportation, coordination of transportation programs and provision of technical assistance to the states and cities. Its most important subsidiary agencies are:


In addition the National Institute of Standards and Technology (see box on the right) has this resource:

In the Library

NOTE that the Library ceased receiving new tangible government documents in Spring, 2016, and withdrew large numbers of tangible documents during the previous year.

Annual Survey of Communication Services. C 3 138/3-6:990-95. Aggregate statistics on companies providing telephone service (including cellular phones), telegraph and other electronic messaging services, broadcasting (radio and tv), cable tv, and other communications services. Several years, including more recent information, are available online from the Census Bureau.

NASA bookBeyond the Ionosphere: Fifty Years of Satellite Communication. NAS 1.21:4217. 1997. A collection of papers originally presented at an international conference celebrating the 50th anniversary of the publication of Arthur C. Clarke's influential articles on the possibilities of satellite-aided communications. The papers cover the history of the development of communications satellites. There is also a timeline, glossary of acronyms and suggestions for further reading. A text version of the volume is available on the NASA website.

Census of Construction Industries C 3.245:. 1967- . Part of the 5-year Economic Census cycle. Statistics are available by industry and by geographic area. Preliminary reports may be received in microfiche. Starting with 1987, major report series are also received on CD-ROM. Starting with the 1997 Census, information is more quickly and completely available online at the Census Bureau.

Census of Transportation C 3.233: . 1967-. Part of the 5-year Economic Census cycle. Parts include: National Travel Survey, Truck Inventory & Use Survey, Commodity Transportation Survey. Preliminary reports may be received in microfiche. Beginning with the 1987 Census, some reports are also received on CD-ROM. They are on 7-day Reserve at the Circulation Desk. Recent Census information is also online from the Census Bureau.

Compilation of Selected Acts within the Jurisdiction of the Committee on Commerce. Y 4.C 73/8:[Congress no.]. These compilations are re-issued periodically (the Library keeps only the most recent) and are simple reprints of laws in force, with no explanation or commentary. Several of these volumes are of interest to engineers and engineering students.

"Read You Loud and Clear." NAS 1.21:4233. 2008. Subtitled "The Story of NASA's Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network," this volume in the NASA History Series traces the history of this important satellite tracking system from its beginnings in the 1950s, through the Mercury and Apollo mission years, and into the present day. The author's purpose is to celebrate the invisible engineers that made these flights possible.

Where Do We Go from Here? The FCC Auctions and the Future or Radio Spectrum Management. Y 10.2:AU 2. 1997. This CBO  (Congressional Budget Office) study gives a general overview of the Federal Communications Commission's spectrum auctions, detailed information (and critical commentary) on some important 1990's auctions, and proposals and estimates for future auctions. There is a separate chapter devoted to the special case of digitial television. Text and PDF versions of this report are available on the CBO website.