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Government Information Sources in Science & Technology

Covers major government science/technology websites as well as highlighting the Library's collection in these areas.

EPA: Environmental Protection Agency

EPAThe EPA has a vast web presence but offers various means of navigating it. For basic information check out their "Learn the Issues" tab. More detailed scientific information on a variety of subjects is under "Science and Technology." There's also an interactive map for finding information by geographic area. Some major subsidiary sites of EPA are:

Other environmental/energy agencies



Databases in Energy & the Environment

DOE: Department of Energy

The DOE main site offers paths to information by broad subjects, under "Science & Innovation," including Energy Efficiency, Energy Sources, Energy Uses, etc. 

OSTI provides several of the databases listed below:

In the Library

NOTE that the Library ceased receiving new tangible government documents in Spring, 2016, and withdrew large numbers of tangible documents during the previous year.

Climate Action Report. S 1.2:C 61/2/ . 1994, 1997, 2002. Submissions of the U.S. under the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change. There is a summary chapter and other sections which cover: National Circumstances, Greenhouse Gas Inventory, Mitigating Climate Change, Vulnerability and Adaptation, Research and Systematic Observation, Education, Training and Outreach, and International Activities. There is also a review of governmental actions, reporting tables, and a brief bibliography. The 2010 Report is available online, as are earlier years. The easiest way to find them is to Google "Climate Action Report," but be aware that other levels of government and other agencies put out reports with similar titles.

Annual Report, Council on Environmental Quality. PREX 14.1: . 1971-4, 1982-1997. Reports for 1992-97 are in MICROFICHE. Gives background information and discusses issues of current concern in several environmental areas: air quality, biodiversity, energy, pollution prevention, etc. Some years are available online from the National Archives


Presidential documents on the environment. Over the years, the President's science/technology office (variously called the National Science & Technology Council and the Office of Science & Technology Policies) has published reports on the environment, along with other scientific subjects. These documents are classified PREX 23. . More recent reports are likely not received in paper format, but are listed in the Library's catalog, with links to online versions.

Compilation of Selected Acts. Y 4. C 73/8: [Congress no.- LETTER] (shelved at the end of each Congress' documents).The House of Representatives' Energy & Commerce Committee periodically publishes collections of laws under its jurisdiction, many of which pertain to environmental topics. They are scalessimple compilations of laws in force, with no explanatory material. Below is a list of the relevant volumes. The Library keeps the latest edition of each volume. Check the Library Catalog for the volumes currently in the collection.

  • Electricity
  • Energy Conservation
  • Energy-Related Legislation
  • Environmental Law
  • Nuclear Energy & Radioactive Waste
  • Oil, Gas & Nonnuclear Fuels