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description of library and internet resources useful for research in the social sciences

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APA: Print Articles

An Article in a Reference Book:

Perennial. (1989). Def. 4c. The Oxford English dictionary (2nd ed.). New York: Oxford University Press. 

An Article in a Biblical Dictionary:

Wessel, W.W. (1967). Blessing. In J. D. Douglas, et al. (Eds.), The new Bible dictionary (p. 160). Grand Rapids: Eerdmans.

An Article in a Journal with Continuous Annual Pagination

Marotti, A. F. (1978). Countertransference, the communication process, and the dimensions of psychoanalytic criticism. Critical Inquiry, 4,  471-89.

An Article in a Journal that Paginates Each Issue Separately:

Festinger, L. (1962, October). Cognitive dissonance. Scientific American, 7(2), 93-102. 

An Article from a Daily Newspaper:

Lublin, J.S. (1980, December 5). On idle: The unemployed shun much mundane work, at least for a while. Wall Street Journal, pp. 1+. 

An Article in a Magazine or Journal:

Serrill, M.S. (1990, July 30). Bareknuckle banking. Time, 136(5), 48-50.