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PS2355 - Development - Hill: In Class Session

Research databases and tips on how to locate academic articles relating to human development.

In Class Exercise: Find Three Journal Articles

The objective of this exercise is to find three journal articles in PsycINFO and/or ERIC. 

Part 1 – Describe Your Initial Search Terms

  1. Open your email account and a new message. NOTE: Save your email message as you complete sections!
  2. In Email: Write PS2355 and your name in the subject line of the email message. 
  3. In Email: Put as the recipient in the To line.
  4. In Email: Write one or more sentences describing your research topic.
  5. In Email: List a least 3 terms (keywords) that you could use to search for this topic. 

Part 2 – Keyword Search for Articles in PsycINFO

  1. Open PsycINFO. (see link the Databases box to the right).
  2. Search for your keywords. Separate terms with the word AND or putting the words or phrases on separate lines. 
  3. In the "Search Options" section, limit your results to published since the year 1999 and and Methodology: Empirical Study. Click on Search.
  4. In Email: Write your search in the email message.
  5. In Email: Note the number of results from your search.
  6. Select an article from the results.  (Pick an article of use to you; scan the page and choose something you want to read.)
  7. In Email: Copy or type the article citation in the email message. 
  8. Save or email the article to yourself if it is something you want to use.

Part 3 – Find two more articles in either PsycINFO or ERIC

  1. Continue to select two additional articles from PsycINFO.  Alternatively, for articles from education journals, search ERIC.
  2. Remember, set the date limit to search for articles published in the last 15 years. Limit to full text articles.
  3. In Email: Copy or type the article citations, for each additional article, in the email message.
  4. Save or email the article to yourself if it is something you want to use.

Part 4 – Send Your Email Message

  1. Email your exercise results to


Search these databases to find articles, books, videos, and more on psychology topics.