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BL 4440: Mechanisms of Disease--Fall, 2014: Organizations

links to resources and tips on finding information for research papers

Important organizations

There are separate boxes below for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and for the National Institutes of Health.

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

The CDC is a great source of timely as well as background information on diseases of all kinds and health in general. Since it is a government agency, the reports, images, and other content on the site are freely reproducible and not subject to copyright. 


Here are some particularly useful sub-sections of the CDC website:

National Institutes of Health

NIHThe NIH is the nation's medical research agency, producing and supporting research in all areas of human health. It is the largest source of medical funding in the world, providing grants to universities and research institutes all over the country, including St. Mary's.

Here are some important sub-sections of the NIH website:

About Animals:

Subject Guide

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