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BL 4440: Mechanisms of Disease--Fall, 2014: Medline

links to resources and tips on finding information for research papers

Medline basics

checkMedline is the major database for research literature in the medical field. It is freely available through the National Library of Medicine's PubMed, but the Library's access through the EBSCO platform (linked by the check) offers many useful features. So while you are students at St. Mary's, we suggest you search Medline using this interface, which the Library pays for.

The Medline database may be searched by simply typing keywords into the search box, as in other EBSCO databases. But for some searches you might want to use some of the Medline-specific search features that are described below, and under the "MeSH" sub-tab.

For more information on PubMed, as well as other databases that might be useful in this and other classes, see the "Other resources" sub-tab.

Searching & results

The screenshot below shows search terms ("atherosclerosis and diet"), limiting factors (on the left) and search results, with various full-text options.

sample search

checkRemember, if you find a citation to an article that is not available full-text, we can get it for you on Interlibrary Loan.

Specialized fields

The sample search above simply typed keywords into the search box. Medline makes much more specialized searching available, if you need more precision. For example, you may select any of a number of specialized fields to search, instead of just keywords. Below is a screenshot that shows most of those available. 

In particular, the "Subject Heading" fields might be useful. For more information on the medical subject headings system (MeSH) used by the Medline database, see the "MeSH" sub-tab.

Medine fields