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BL 4440: Mechanisms of Disease--Fall, 2014: Other databases

links to resources and tips on finding information for research papers

Science Direct

ScienceDirect is a major general science database. It covers all the publications of the publisher Elsevier, but full-text is not available for all of these titles.

There is considerable overlap between Medline and ScienceDirect in the medical field, but if you want to do an exhaustively comprehensive search for a topic, you should look in both databases.

Science Direct

If you want to browse or search ScienceDirect titles that deal with cardiology, here is the beginning of a listing of these journals.

See the box on the right for Science Direct searching tips. right

You can find more information about using Science Direct in our Chemistry Research Guide:

Science Direct searching tips

Use the Advanced Search option, which is not the default search screen. Here's where to find the Advanced Search link:

Science Direct advanced search

When you get to the Advanced Search screen, here are some limiting features that we recommend:

Science Direct search tips

Health and Medicine Databases

booksIn addition to Medline and Science Direct, there are scores of other potentially useful databases for medical-related fields. Some are indexes to the literature, like Medline, while others offer access to statistics, information on drugs and other chemicals, and consumer information.

Here are some sources to lists of other databases:

Subject Guide

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