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HS5328 - The Middle East, the Near East, and the West: Online Primary Sources

help for finding secondary and primary sources for a research paper

Primary Sources by Region

The online sources listed below are just a small sample of the archival materials available on the Internet.  A small number are archival databases from the Blume Library'.

I selected these collections because of either their prominence or their potential to interest students at St. Mary's University. 

Primary sources are arranged by geography. Choose a region to see a list of primary source collections for the area. 



Central & South America, Caribbean


Multinational, General Sources

Additional Sources

These sources are more narrow in their focus but are very useful to find primary material for specific research topics.

Middle East

United States

Best Bet
Additional Sources

These sources are more narrow in their focus but provide primary material for specific research topics.


Note: Several sources listed in the United States box are also relevant to Texas history researchers.

Use Google Advanced Search to Locate Primary Source Collections

Google Advanced Search will be a useful tool to help locate online primary source collections if you do not find ideas from the Online Primary Source page list of resources.  You can tie your topic search with the following terms to find online primary source collections.  

Feel free to copy and paste the following into the Google Advanced search box labeled "any of these words"

repository digital archive virtual digitized primary

I recommend limiting your search to the site or domain.  For instance, .edu for educational institutions, .gov for government websites, or .org for organizations. Org website are defined broadly so be very careful to evaluate sources from .org websites.  However, you should always evaluate all sources you use.

Video: Finding Primary Source Collections with Google Advanced Search.