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HS5304 - Medieval Europe: Encyclopedias

Research sources for HS5304 Medieval Europe with a focus on secondary and primary sources. Includes links to article database, encyclopedia, online primary sources, and tips for finding reprinted primary sources in books.

Learning the background information on your topic

The encyclopedias listed below, and the encyclopedia databases linked here, are good places to learn about a new subject quickly.  Encyclopedia offer you at tool to become familiar with the time, location, and people that were involved in a historical event.  They also often list the most important articles and books written by scholars who are experts on a particular topic or person.  

Online encyclopedias for Medieval Europe topics

This box lists some online encyclopedias on topics covered in HS5304.  

Click on the title to search to read entries from the encyclopedia.  Or, search for your topic in one of the encyclopedia databases listed to the right.  

Encyclopedia Databases

Print Encyclopedias