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BA7342 - Leadership and Ethics

Course readings for BA7342 taught by Dr. Stephanie Ward. Provides information about library research help and business databases.

Booking a Research Appointment

Click on the "Book Now" button under my photo to see when I have available appointment times. You can book for 15 minutes up to 1 hour.  The most common booking time is 30 minutes.  

I strongly encourage you to provide a detailed message about your project and the sources you have already consulted in the box  "Reason for Meeting".   Our meeting will be more focused and useful to you if you provide background information on your topic and progress to date.

What is a research appointment?

A research consultation is a one-to-one meeting between a researcher and a librarian to discuss aspects of their research project.  Researchers are students, undergraduate or graduate, or faculty who want to explore the range of sources available for their project.  The researcher's needs drive the topics covered in a consultation.  

Some examples:

  • A history student and I work together to identify primary sources on their topic, discuss how to locate and access those sources, and determine the best method to cite the primary source.
  • A business/economics student and I discuss how to find economic data.  I might demonstrate how to download and/or manipulate the data and/or show how to access data dictionaries that describe the variables in a data set.
  • A graduate student and I discuss how to find peer-reviewed articles on their topic. We might also discuss the best way to follow the citation trail for a particular article or find more recent articles that cite a key research source.