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BA4380 - Business Policy and Strategy

Company and industry research resources. Tips for finding information in library databases, governmental sources, company portals, and other research websites. Designed for Professor Matt Gilley's course in Fall 2017.

Filings, Reports, and Data

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires publicly-traded companies to report company information.  These reports are available online from the SEC's EDGAR database.  You will also find these reports in the Nexis Uni database. The following filings are the most commonly used by researchers:

  • 10-K: comprehensive annual review of the company's business activities and a discussion of the company's performance. Includes all financial statements.
  • 20-F: annual financial report of company's headquartered outside the US who sell securities traded in the US
  • 10-Q: quarterly unaudited financial statements issued every quarter except the quarter where the company issues the 10-K
  • 8-K: reports that announces events or important changes, as defined by the SEC
  • Proxy Statements: include details about executive compensation, described in Schedule 14A

The following sources provide access to SEC filings and other types of company financial data.