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EN3301 - Advanced Research Writing Practice - McNair (Biasiolli)

search tips and resources to use for course research paper.

Research by Subject

Get help on your specific research project!  Each librarian at the Blume Library specializes in research assistance by major.  Make an appointment with a librarian to develop your paper topic, find useful articles, books, data sources, statistics, and other sources for your research papers and projects. 

Discover: Find articles, books, and more...

Discover at the Blume Library log

Use Discover to search almost everything.

Advanced Search | What is Discover?

Search Google Scholar

See our search tips in the Google for Scholars guide.

Journals List Search

Looking for a specific journal, magazine, or newspaper?

Use Journals List to search for the title of a journal, magazines, or newspaper and tell if the library offers online access or print access to that publication.

Search: Journals List

WorldCat - Search the World's Libraries

Search WorldCat for books, journals, primary and archival resources, and other materials owned by libraries in Texas and worldwide. 

Search for an item in libraries near you: >>

You can request materials we do not own via Interlibrary Loan. Or, get a TexShare Card and borrow materials in person at a participating Texas library.  

Don't forget to ask a librarian for help if you have questions.