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HS5376 - History of Christianity

resources including encyclopedias, secondary sources, primary sources found in library databases, books, and online. Materials for HS 5376 course taught by Dr. Aaron Moreno in Spring 2017.

HS5376 Class Guide

Carrow Psalter, Sailors throw Jonah overboard/Jonah in mouth of whale, Walters Manuscript W.34, fol. 131r detailThis class guide highlights several sources to help you locate materials for your History of Christianity paper. The broad categories of sources listed in the HS5376 class guide include: 

  • primary sources
    • definition: items created at time of an event or my people who lived during the time you are studying
  • secondary sources 
    • definition: articles & books that analyze a topic based on primary and other sources
  • tertiary sources (encyclopedias)
    • definition: summarize key secondary work on a topic, great sources for the most significant people, events, and interpretations of a topic

You will also be able to determine if the Blume Library has the article or book you need, and if not, understand how to borrow from other libraries.  You can also find tips on using the Zotero research management software to save your sources and automatically add citations to your paper.  

Please feel free to contact me, Necia Wolff, if you have questions or want to set up an one-on-one appointment to discuss your research project. I'm happy to work with you!

(image: "Carrow Psalter, Sailors throw Jonah overboard/Jonah in mouth of whale" by Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts on Flickr under a Creative Commons license.)

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