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HS5376 - History of Christianity

resources including encyclopedias, secondary sources, primary sources found in library databases, books, and online. Materials for HS 5376 course taught by Dr. Aaron Moreno in Spring 2017.

Suggested Search Words for HS5376

statue of Hildegard von BingenThis is a selective list.  You can browse these subjects or combine them with primary source keywords (below) to find primary materials in books in WorldCat or the Library Catalog.

  • Christianity 
  • Christian Sects 
  • Church history
  • God (Christianity) 
  • Protestantism 
  • Reformation
  • Sermons 
  • Women in Christianity
  • Theology
  • specific sects: Catholic Church, Eastern Churches, Lutheran Church, Methodist Church
  • Catholic terminology: Encyclicals, Papal; Papal Documents; Councils and Synods

(image: "DSC_0843" by travis nobles on Flickr under a Creative Commons license.Statue of Hildegard von Bingen from Eibingen Abbey)

Find Primary Sources in WorldCat and the Blume Library

To find primary sources on you topic, try searching you topic (ex: witchcraft, slavery, Texas, Bexar, etc.) in combination with one of the following words:

Search Term When To Use It
sources generic term, often produces the most results
archive use with organizations, individuals and families
archival resources use with topics and geographic areas (counties, cities, etc.)
correspondence use with individuals, familes, classes of people, ethnic groups
diaries use with individuals and families
manuscripts use with individuals
notebooks, sketchbooks, etc. use with individuals
personal narratives use with names of events
personnel records use with organizations and military units
records and correspondence

use with organizations and groups

speeches, addresses, etc

use with individuals or groups


Example Search

A search in or the Library Catalog on the terms "slaves and correspondence" finds books that includes primary source material on African Americans during the Civil War and Reconstruction.