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Dissertation / Thesis: Tips

Find a dissertation or thesis. Also includes links to full-text dissertations and theses written by St. Mary's students (if submitted digitally). Also provides instructions for submitting your dissertation or thesis.

Sharing Your Research

The Blume Library would like to make sure that your thesis or dissertation is available to a wide audience.  The Proquest Thesis and Dissertation Global database provides an index and abstract so that others can find your work.  The Blume Library  will also catalog and place your work in our own digital repository so that your entire manuscript is available for anyone to read. We do ask that you sign our release form which should be returned or emailed to Marcella Lesher at or to your Dean's office.  Read the instructions below.

Submitting a Digital Copy of a Dissertation or Thesis

These steps outline the process for submitting a digital copy of your dissertation or thesis for review by your Dean and publication by ProQuest.

  1. Follow the steps listed on Submitting Your Dissertation/Thesis on the ProQuest site. You will need to create an account to submit your digital copy.
  2. Your dissertation/thesis must be in PDF format. Read ProQuest’s Preparing Your Manuscript for Submission for additional guidance.
  3. The Dean’s office will review your submission and, once approved, will make the final submission to ProQuest.

General information about submitting your dissertation/thesis electronically.

  • ο‚·There are various fees depending on what you decide. However, TR-1 Traditional Publishing is free. Unless you want Proquest to make your manuscript freely available on their database you do not need to select the Open Access publishing option. With your permission, St. Mary’s will provide open access through the Library Catalog and our digital repository.
  • Your signed signature pages should be submitted in hard copy to your Dean’s office. They should not be included in the PDF submission. Please include an unsigned signature page in your electronic copy.

Students may bring print copies for their personal needs to the library for binding. Contact Marcella Lesher (210-431-2299 ext. 1322) or Cynthia Santos (210-431-2299 ext. 1361) for instructions and current prices. This process may take several weeks. Personal copies must be picked up from the library. We are no longer mailing these items. 

Digital Collections

Find St. Mary's Dissertations & Theses


St. Mary's dissertations (blue binding) are listed in the Library Catalog and are shelved on the 3rd Floor.  Dissertations from 2016 to the present are available in electronic format only. 

To find all dissertations written by students in our PhD program, search the keyword phrase: St. Mary's University and dissertation

Many Ph.D. dissertations written after 1996 can also be downloaded for free by currently enrolled St. Mary's students, faculty, or staff.  Use the Dissertations (St. Mary's only) database to download St. Mary's dissertations.  Most dissertations  from 2017- are also available open access through the catalog.


Search the Library Catalog to find Master's theses. Masters degree theses (red binding) are are shelved on the 3rd Floor.  Theses from 2017- are available in electronic format only.  

Use this format to find theses via the Library Catalog keyword search: St. Marys University "department name" thesis

Example searches

  • St. Marys University Business Administration Program Thesis
  • St Marys University Dept Of Counseling Thesis
  • St Marys University English Dept Thesis
  • St Marys University Dept Of Psychology Industrial Psychology Thesis
  • St Marys University Dept Of Theology Thesis

Theses have been written in several academic areas including ones not listed in the example searches section.

Honor's Program Theses

Search the Library Catalog to find Honor's Program theses. Honor's Program theses (blue binding) are shelved on the 3rd Floor.

To find an entire list of Honor's Program theses, use the following subject heading:

St. Mary's University (San Antonio, Tex.). Honors Program -- Thesis.

Questions? Ask Us


Research Librarians

Find Dissertations and Theses from Other Institutions

Start with these databases when searching for dissertations and theses written at other universities. You can request dissertations using Interlibrary Loan