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HS5314 - Contemporary Europe

Key resources for researching topics relating to contemporary European history. Designed for HS5314 taught by Dr. Aaron Moreno in Spring 2018.

Researching European History Topics

The HS5413 guide lists key resources for conducting your research into contemporary European history topics (1789 to early 2000s). 

The tabs along the left side lead to tips for finding:

  • Encyclopedias - background information and initial sources in encyclopedias
  • Secondary sources - secondary articles, books, and other secondary sources on your topic 
  • Primary Sources -  primary sources in books, newspaper articles, digitized online collections
  • Borrow from other libraries - borrow materials via Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and Texas
  • Citing Sources - use the Zotero free citation software to save sources and quickly generate citations and bibliographies in MS Word and other citation tools
  • History Librarian - get help by email or by setting up appointment with the History librarian. 

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