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International, Foreign, and State Government Information

Links to important organizations and portals

Non-US, non-Texas government Information

The Blume Library does not have a collection of tangible government information from foreign countries, international organizations, or states other than Texas.

We often buy materials from these organizations and governments, however, for our general collection. The items we have can be found through the Library's Catalog. The Catalog also searches the Law Library. Their collection includes a good deal of foreign and international material as it pertains to the study of international law.

But, of course, much government information from all levels and jurisdictions is available to the public through the internet. This LibGuide provides a collection of links to online government information from foreign governments, international organizations, and other states and cities. Just choose the tab above for the level of government you're interested in. Most of the links are to freely available sources; however, some are restricted to our students. These are marked with this graphic: 


You can find information on more international library resources by using the links below.