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MN4330 - Negotiation and Conflict Resolution - Fall 2017

Research sources and tips to help you complete the poster project in Dr. Stephanie Ward's MN4330 Fall 2017 course.

Research Flow Chart for Fall 2017 MN4330 course research project

This course research guide focuses on the materials you need to research topics for the MN4330 poster project.  So, this guide focuses both on 1) negotiation and conflict resolution topics and resources while 2) also incorporating resources to study this topic from a local San Antonio perspective coupled with a focus on Hispanic culture, heritage, and influence.  

This project is multi-faceted and requires multiple strategies to find information to complete your project successfully. 

A flow chart of this research process includes the following choices, at the least.

  1. Hispanic San Antonio Bibliography - search the bibliography to:
    • help you identify a topic.
    • find some key secondary sources to develop an understanding of the topic and seek additional sources.
  2. Business Source Complete - Find scholarly literature on negotiation and conflict resolution topics that relate to your topics and build a broader perspective about local issues.
  3. San Antonio and Texas Newspapers - you will want to search local and Texas newspapers for historical and current context on your topic.  
  4. San Antonio Business - develop a list of 3 local Hispanic-owned companies and determine the owner names, roles, address, industry, project/services, markets, and customer base.  
    • Some of this information may be in databases, some available via searching Google (see Google Search Tips), and some via your business owner interviews.  You will need to be tenacious in your research process. 
  5. Zotero - this is optional but the using this free citation software package will allow you to pull over citations from the bibliography and easily format your works cited for the short summary and poster.
  6. Business Librarian - email and/or make an appointment where we can identify additional sources and strategies to find information on your specific topic/businesses.

Lastly, you can find information about poster preparation including a poster template and judging guidelines (rubrics) on the Undergraduate Research Office pages in Gateway

(image: "Surrounded" by David Ingram on Flickr under a Creative Commons license.)

photograph of St. Joseph Catholic Church surrounded by Rivercenter Mail, San Antonio, TX