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Blume Library Mobile Web App: Library News Contributor

The Blume Library Mobile (BLM) Web App optimizes library information for convenient viewing on any type of mobile device with internet connectivity and a web browser.

See Your Slides Here

See Your Slides Here

Blume Library Mobile News Icon (Slide will go live immediately)

Digital Signage (Slide will show up here immediately, but on the 3 main library monitors they will show up the following day because of caching.)

Demo Video for Web App

A short 2 minute video to demonstrate how a contributor would add to the Blume Library Mobile News, Library News on the Library's Main Website, and the 3 main Digital Signage monitors in the library.  Video made using, BB FlashBack Express, and edited using Windows Movie Maker.

Instructions to Add Library News Slide

Step 1: Design your slide using any method you prefer with dimensions 10"x7.5".  Save your work as a ".jpg" and you are ready to go.  If you need more instruction for making a slide then read "My favorite way to make a slide" below.

Step 2: Login to the Blume Library Mobile Web App using your desktop (

Step 3: Click the "Edit News" Icon and add your slide. (See the video demonstration above.)

My favorite way to make a slide:

My favorite and quickest way to make a slide is using powerpoint.

The default size setting when you first open powerpoint is exactly the dimensions you need (10"x7.5").

Open powerpoint and design your slide.

First save as powerpoint (".pptx"), so you can revisit and make edits if necessary.  This can also serve as your template for all your future slides.

Then save your current slide as a (".jpg"). To save as ".jpg" you would click "File", then click "Save as", and change the "Save as type" near the bottom to JPEG.  Make note of the location you are saving it to, so you can later browse and find the slide to upload.