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Blume Library Mobile Web App: Features

The Blume Library Mobile (BLM) Web App optimizes library information for convenient viewing on any type of mobile device with internet connectivity and a web browser.

Mobile Library Search

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The features for the BLM Web App are shown in the illustration shown below.

  • Catalog Search Module adds a preview of item and optimizes catalog information for smaller screens.  
  • Browse Module allows users to visually browse preview item images listed by subject or year.  
  • Bookshelf Module gives the user a mobile optimized virtual bookshelf to save selections for later reference and email a list of bookshelf contents (title and call numbers). 
  • Library News View Module adds mobile optimized access for the user to portably view Library News flyer images.  
  • Settings Module is accessible when a registered user has logged in and allows the user the ability to update their email address or password. 
  • Library News Managers Module adds mobile optimized access for the Library News Managers to switch off, switch on, delete, and add flyer images. 
  • Administrator User Module adds the abilities to update new books, update DVDs and CDs, edit members’ information, and edit all library news.
  • Quick Links Module adds mobile optimized access to other vital information from the Blume Library Main Website for hours of operation (Hours Icon), contact information (Contact Us), and directions to the Blume Library (Visit Icon). 
  • Register Module allows the user to register with a simple two field popup form. 
  • Login/Logout Module allows the user to login or logout of the BLM Web App. 
  • Item Details Page Module is not represented by an icon, but is accessible through the Catalog Search Icon, Browse Icon, and the Bookshelf Icon.  The item details page contains library item catalog information. 
  •  Navigational Bars are present throughout the BLM Web App to allow the user to quickly jump to any BLM Web App location.