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SMC 1301 - Foundations of Civilization - Whitener

tips for search, sources for secondary and primary materials, citation tools, and in-class activities for SMC1301

SMC1301 Class Resource Guide

The SMC1301 research guide will serve as a resource for you to:

  • find background information on various topics via encyclodia databases like the Gale Virtual Reference Library
  • find articles, books, and other sources in Discover
  • link to sources for images
  • provide links to major primary source collections
  • borrow from other libraries 
  • decide whether to use citation software like Zotero to help you cite sources
  • get in touch with me with questions and/or to make a research appointment

Search the Gale Virtual Reference Library

Find encyclopedia entries and more in the Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL).

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Discover at the Blume Library log

Use Discover to search almost everything.

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