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SMC 1312 - Foundations of Reflection: Nature - Boies

Resources to research topics for projects in the Nature course.

Encyclopedia Sources

In-Class Example: Science in Context

Science in Context is a database tha provides "contextual information" like encyclopedia articles on significant scientific topics.  It also includes links to scholarly articles so you may find some additional article sources when searching this database by topic.  

We will use this database to discover some background information on your topic.  Note: However, if you are finding little information on your topic, you can search Discover or Gale Virtual Reference Library instead.

Example Search:

  1. Search for a topic OR follow the Browse Topics section for ideas
  2. Focus on the main entry, Featured Content, and the Reference areas for background information

This image shows a search for "gene therapy" in Science in Context. You should focus on the encyclopedias/reference information provided by the database. The sections marked by a red arrow (Topic, Featured Content, and Reference,) include encyclopedia articles.
image from Science in Context database showing a search for gene therapy