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Using eBooks at the Blume Library: View EBSCO eBooks Online

This guide provides step-by-step tips to find and use eBooks, particularly EBSCO eBooks. Includes tips on how to download an eBook to your computer and transfer to an eReader. Also includes links to free eBooks online.

View and Read EBSCO eBooks Online

The simplest way to use EBSCO eBooks is to read them online.  

Read an eBook online

  1. Go to Discover or EBSCO eBooks databases links listed on this page. 
  2. Search for an eBook by title, keyword, author, etc.
  3. Click the Full Text link to see the complete eBook. 
  4. Read the book by:
    • clicking on the Next arrow to move through the pages
    • search within the text for a word or phrase
    • go to specific sections of the book using the Table of Contents
  5. When you are finished with the eBook, click on Result List to close the eBook so other users may access the book immediately.

Step 1: Choose an EBSCO eBook to View

EBSCO eBook screen image showing a list of eBooks

Step 2: Read an eBook. Close when finished reading.

EBSCO eBook screen image showing an eBook

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