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Zotero Citation Software

guide to using the free Zotero citation and research management program

Why choose Zotero Standalone?

Zotero Standalone runs on your computer as an installed program.

Choose Zotero Standalone if 1) you prefer Safari or Chrome to Firefox and/or 2) you prefer to run Zotero as a separate program rather than a browser plugin.

Step 1 of 2. Install Zotero Standalone

Download and install Zotero Standalone from the Zotero website.

(There's a different version for each operating system: Windows, Mac or Linux.)

image from a Zotero program showing collections and saved citations

Step 2 of 2. Browser extensions

Browser extensions allow your web browser to save citations to your Zotero library.

Open Chrome or Safari and click the browser extension link for that browser to install it.  If you use both Chrome, Safari and Firefox, you'll need to install all extensions.

image of Google Chrome message window: "Zotero Connector for Chome is now installed"

Installing Zotero Standalone Video