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EC4340: The Border Economy

Guide created in Spring 2020 for EC4340A - Special Topics in Economics: The Border Economy


These databases include journal articles, magazines, newspaper articles, and other types of reports.  Be aware that not everything is indexed in Discover. If you see an orange triangle, you should search that database separately.


Other Relevant Databases

Example: a Search in Discover

The Discover search screen that shows a search for "immigration and wages" limited to the Economics discipline.  Results may be magazine or academic journal articles, books, videos, government publications, or other types of sources.

screen capture of a search in Discover for economics topic, limit to Economics under Discipline

Example: Discover Search Results

The Discover results screen that shows the items retrieved with the search for "immigration and wages".  This example shows the number of results limited to the past 10 years.  The first two results come from academic journals.

screen capture showing results from searching Discover for Economics results