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Necia Wolff - Librarian & Professor | Blume Library

Profile page for Necia Wolff, Librarian & Professor, Louis J. Blume Library, St. Mary's University.

Who am I?

Welcome to my personal page on the Louis J. Blume Library website.  I am an teaching librarian and full professor at the Blume Library. I specialize in instruction addressing information retrieval methods for researchers in higher education.  I work with faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students, and other patrons to provide context for finding, evaluating, and using information sources.  I also manage the Library website and develop research help guides. 

I spend much of my time preparing and teaching classes or meeting one-on-one with researchers on their projects.

I encourage you to use the Request a Meeting to arrange a time to discuss your project.

My greatest personal strength is a love of learning and a curiosity about the world.  This desire to explore is why I became a librarian.  I love to learn with others, read, develop new ideas, and communicate.  I encourage you to contact me with ways I can work with you or help you achieve your goals. 

You can find out more about me:

Research Appointments by Zoom

My research consultations will be conducted online via Zoom.  

For these appointments, you will be sent another email, with a link, for the consultation. Use the Zoom website for Getting Started information, including how to use on Windows, Macs and mobile. Note: If you have never used Zoom before, you will have to download the Zoom desktop client or the app (mobile).  This service is only available to students and employees at St. Mary's University.

Teaching Philosophy

I aim to help others achieve their research goals by teaching them to recognize the most relevant and useful information for their information needs. I endeavor to lead conversations that increase the scope of knowledge sources while fostering curiosity about the research process. 

To address these goals, I design curriculum that includes relevant examples and incorporates active learning exercises to aid researchers in the application of their growing research skills. When I teach in classes, workshops, and one-to-one research sessions, I customize the information I convey to the needs of students and faculty with whom I work.

Above all, I endeavor to communicate that research skills are both tools and mental models that can be used to explore new ideas inside and outside limited disciplines.  My ultimate goal is to help others become independent researchers who are informed, self-reflective, and non-parochial in their research inquiries.