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BL 3464 - Evolutionary Biology - Gray

Class research guide to the databases, journal, search strategies, and citation tools for students enrolled in BL3463. Includes in-class exercise to be completed during the library research class.

What will you find on this class page?

Welcome to the BL 3464 Evolutionary Biology class page.  I designed this guide to help you successful complete your research proposal.  During your class research workshop, I will introduce you to these resources. You will learn to use sources to explore topics in evolutionary biology, find relevant academic journal articles to support your research proposal design, and learn about using the free Zotero program to manage the articles you find and insert citations into your Word document in whatever format you chose.  

Most importantly, I am here to help you with your research process.  I encourage you to ask questions during the library workshop.  I also recommend working with me one-on-one about your specific project once you select your topic.  You can make an appointment with me via my online calendar.  From my profile, click on Book An Appointment to choose a date and time. 

I look forward to working with you!

In-Class Research Activity