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Social Science Resources: Exercise

description of library and internet resources useful for research in the social sciences

In Class/Take Home Exercise

 Find an article in Academic Search Complete.

Browse search results to find an article that contains information you didn’t know.  Evaluate the article to see if it's appropriate to your research need.  Take a look at the library’s Evaluating Information guide for tips on deciding to use a resource or not.

  1. Open your email and compose a message to me at  In the Subject Line: type HO1302 and your name.
  2. Tell me what terms you used to search for your article.
  3. Copy the article's APA citation information into the message.
  4. Considering currency, reliability, authority, accuracy, and purpose of the article, write a couple of sentences about why you would or would not use this article as a source for one of your  papers.


Final step

Email this information to me at