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Language of Peace

Resources to support students enrolled in EN 5340 - The Language of Peace and PO 3310 A - Topics in Political Behavior

San Antonio Peace & Social Justice Organizations

Social Justice Organizations

Social Justice Movements

Interfaith Peace Initiatives

University-Based Mediation Centers

Other Mediation Organizations

Government Agencies

booksThe Library at the Naval Postgraduate School has an extensive collection of government and non-governmental links dealing with Conflict, Peacekeeping and Reconstruction. Note that some of the resources are not available to the general public.

Some particular government agencies in the field are:

  • Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. The website includes links to other government agencies, to recent speeches and presentations by FMCS staff, and to copies of forms used by the agency (see "Resources")
  • US Institute of Peace.The website includes extensive resources under "Articles & Publications." (Many of their publications are linked from the Library Catalog.) Or you can look for particular issues under "Issue Areas" or particular parts of the world under "Countries." 

Other sites that might be useful in finding government information: