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SMC 1313 - Foundations of Reflection: Others

Resources and information to assist students in the Foundations of Reflection: Others core curriculum course.

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

17 Sustainable Development Goals - United Nations

SMC 1313 Course Description

Foundations of Reflection: Others This introduction to the social sciences focuses on how human beings engage with each other in local, national and global settings. Viewed through a broad historical lens, the course will explore the political, economic, cultural, and social structures, institutions, and other forms designed by human beings in local, national and global communities that promote and constrain the common good. Students learn to distinguish differences in human communities, but also recognize the overlapping concerns, the interconnectedness, and the interdependence of the overall human experience. Students attain these goals through a systematic study of a theme which organizes the course, agreed to by participating instructors.