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links to major agencies and other sources of government information related to immigration issues

Government Agencies

These are the major agencies in the federal government that deal with immigration issues. For more sources, see the box below.

Collections of Resources

These libraries and other organizations have compiled lists of links to resources dealing with immigration issues:

General Government Sources

These are good general sources of government information:

Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports

These research reports by the staff of the Congressional Research Service cover all subject areas and are excellent overviews. Unfortunately there is not an official government site which offers access to the entire collection. 

James Jacobs at harvests the reports from several different sites and makes them available here. You can search his archive directly from the box below:

In addition, the Blume Library catalogs many CRS reports when we find out about them. Look in the Online Catalog for links to these Reports.

Here are three major institutions working to make these valuable resources available:

Here's a LibGuide (from the Naval Postgraduate School Library, where the HSDL lives) with more info about the reports & another listing of free CRS sites: 

And here are some more compilations of selected reports:

GAO Reports

The Government Accountability Office generates hundreds of reports each year on a multitude of topics related to government action in many fields. The Library has a limited collection of these reports in printed form (classification number is GA 1.13: ); find the specific numbers (as well as links to online versions when available) in the Catalog.

Here are two primary services which make the full text of many of these reports available online and searchable:


This guide was originally developed by retired librarian Kathy Amen.

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