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Printing at Blume Library

Instructions for students, faculty and guests on printing at the library.

Visit the Techncial Support Center page via Gateway

  • Log in to Gateway -> Services -> Support Services -> technical Support Services


Visit the Technical Support Center in the Commons

Register your card

Use these instructions to connect your student ID to your print services account.


Step 1: Tap your card on the St. Mary's University Label

tap card sticker


Step 2: Type in your Gateway username and password

papercut mf login screen


Step 3:  Select OK. Your can now swipe your card to log in.

Upload Document for Printing

Step 1: Open a web browser and go to

web print login


Step 2:  Enter Gateway username and password and click "Log In"

login example

Step 3: Click "Web Print"

Step 4:  Click "Submit a Job" and choose how many copies of the document you would like to print.


Step 5: Click "Upload Documents

Step 6: Drag the files to the box or click "Upload from computer" and browse to the desired files.

Step 7: Click "Upload and Complete"


Step 8: The print job is now ready to be released at the printer.

Release Job at the Printer

Step 1: After registering your ID Card or approaching the device the display should be at the login screen. 

papercut mf login screen


Step 2: Tap your ID card to login or use the slide out keyboard to type in your Gateway Username and Password.

tap card here sticker


Step 3: You will be given an option to "Print Release" or "Access Device" to copy and scan.

Step 4:  Click "Print Release"

print release screen


Step 5: Jobs waiting to be printed will be displayed.

Step 6: Click the job or jobs you would like to release, then click print at the bottom of the screen.


Step 7: Logout by clicking the symbol next to your name.