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Printing at Blume Library

Instructions for students, faculty and guests on printing at the library.

Register your card

Use these instructions to connect your student ID to your print services account.


Step 1: Tap your card on the St. Mary's University Label

tap card sticker


Step 2: Type in your Gateway username and password

papercut mf login screen


Step 3:  Select OK. Your can now swipe your card to log in.

Upload Document for Printing

Step 1: Open a web browser and go to

web print login


Step 2:  Enter Gateway username and password and click "Log In"

login example

Step 3: Click "Web Print"

Step 4:  Click "Submit a Job" and choose how many copies of the document you would like to print.


Step 5: Click "Upload Documents

Step 6: Drag the files to the box or click "Upload from computer" and browse to the desired files.

Step 7: Click "Upload and Complete"


Step 8: The print job is now ready to be released at the printer.

Release Job at the Printer

Step 1: After registering your ID Card or approaching the device the display should be at the login screen. 

papercut mf login screen


Step 2: Tap your ID card to login or use the slide out keyboard to type in your Gateway Username and Password.

tap card here sticker


Step 3: You will be given an option to "Print Release" or "Access Device" to copy and scan.

Step 4:  Click "Print Release"

print release screen


Step 5: Jobs waiting to be printed will be displayed.

Step 6: Click the job or jobs you would like to release, then click print at the bottom of the screen.


Step 7: Logout by clicking the symbol next to your name.