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Citation and Documentation Guide

Guidelines and examples of citing information using MLA, APA, and other formats.

MLA: Other Sources

Government Publication (print):

United Nations. Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs. Population Division. National Population Policies. New York: United Nations, 1998. Print.

United States. Cong. House. Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights. Death Sentencing Issues Hearings. 10 and 24 July 1991. 102nd  Cong., 1st sess. Washington: GPO, 1992. Print.

Sound Recording:

Bizet, Georges. Carmen. Perf. Jennifer Larmore, Thomas Moser, Angela Gheorghiu, and Samuel Ramey. Bavarian State Orch. and Chorus. Cond. Giuseppe Sinopoli. Teldec, 1996. CD.

Film or Video Recording:

Contact. By Carl Sagan. Dir. Robert Zemeckis. Perf. Jodie Foster, Matthew McConaughey, and James Woods. Warner Home Video, 1997. Videocassette.


Franklin, Anna. Personal interview. 3 Sept. 1993.


Jenkins, Philip. "The Coming of Global Christianity." Lin Great Speakers Series. St. Mary's U, San Antonio, TX. 17 Feb. 2004. Lecture.

MLA: E-Mail

Gates, Bill. "Subject: PC Future." Message to Steve Jobs. 7 Feb. 1997. E-mail.

Schubert, Josephine. "Re: Culture Shock." Message to the author. 14 Mar. 1998. E-mail.

MLA: Basic Format for Non-Periodical Print Publications

For most books, arrange the information into three units (Name, Title, Publisher), each followed by a period:

  1. Name of the author, editor, narrator, or translator of the work.
  2. Title of the work (italicized if the work is independent; in Roman type and quotation marks if the work is part of a larger work).
  3. Edition.
  4. Number of volumes.
  5. Publisher: city of publication, name of publisher (short version; see section 7.5 in MLA Handbook), year. If not available use n.p.
  6. Date of publication (day, month, and year, as available); if nothing is available, use n.d.
  7. Medium of publication, e.g., Print.
  8. Date of access (day, month, and year).

This information is taken from the title page of the book and the reverse side of the title page (the copyright page).

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