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basic information about each state and links to pages developed by libraries and other organizations providing detailed access to state government web sites

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This guide offers basic information about each state (taken from the World Almanac and the Census Bureau) and links to pages developed by libraries and other organizations with detailed access to state government web sites. Some specialized types of pages (e.g., "Legal Resources") are so indicated. 

Note that some of the resources listed on these libraries' pages might not be freely available to users outside of the institutions.

Click on a state in the map below or refer to the appropriate alphabetical tab.

Alaska Rhode Island Connecticut New Hampshire Vermont Massachusetts New Jersey Delaware Maryland California Montana Kansas Louisiana South Carolina Maine Kentucky Idaho Florida Illinois New York New York North Carolina Oklahoma North Dakota Missouri New Jersey Nebraska Nevada Wisconsin Massachusetts Virginia Alabama Oregon New Mexico Arkansas South Dakota West Virginia West Virginia Connecticut Washington Iowa Mississippi New Hampshire Ohio Colorado Arizona Tennessee Michigan Michigan Delaware Rhode Island Wyoming Texas Maryland Vermont Indiana Utah Minnesota Pennslyvania Georgia Hawaii

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Thanks to the nice folks at GPO for sharing the coding for the clickable map above. The maps in the individual state boxes were adapted from those at (This site also includes a wealth of factual information for each state.)

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The 50 State Capitol Buildings of the United States illustrated to Scale

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This guide was originally developed by retired librarian Kathy Amen.

State Government Statistics

The Census Bureau's Census of Governments surveys report on the finances and employment of federal, state, and local governments, including data on pensions and taxes.

Here are some major links to their data on states:

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