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Emma Tenayuca (1916 - 1999)

Resources about Emma Tenayuca and related topics available through the Blume Library and beyond. Materials include books, electronic books, articles, databases, and web resources.

Academic Articles about Emma Tenayuca

Special issue of Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies (volume 24, no. 2/3): Gender on the Borderlands. Edited by Antonia Castañeda. Based on the "Gender on the Borderlands" conference held at St. Mary's University of San Antonio, July 12-14, 2001. Based on this special issue, the University of Nebraska Press published Gender on the Borderlands: The Frontiers Reader in 2007.

Other articles:

  • Shapiro, Harold A. 1952. "The Pecan Shellers of San Antonio, Texas." Southwestern Social Science Quarterly 32, no. 4 (March): 229-244.
    • Located in the print periodicals collection, 2nd Floor, Blume Library. Although this article does not mention Emma Tenayuca, it provides details about the 1938 pecan shellers strike and its aftermath.
  • Vargas, Zaragoza. 1997. "Tejana Radical: Emma Tenayuca and the San Antonio Labor Movement during the Great Depression." Pacific Historical Review 66, no. 4 (November): 553-580.
    • Located in the print periodicals collection, 2nd Floor, Blume Library. Reprinted in Chapter 10 (pages 219-243) of Texas Labor History.
  • Walker, Kenneth P. 1965. "The Pecan Shellers of San Antonio and Mechanization." Southwestern Historical Quarterly 69, no. 1 (July): 44-58.
    • Located in the print periodicals collection, 2nd Floor, Blume Library.

Magazine and Newspaper Articles about Emma Tenayuca